SOA Finalists SS 2016

Helsport – Fjellheimen (65L/85L)


Fjellheimen (65L/85L)

Primary innovation features


Intended End Use



  • The lid can be used as a front pocket.
    Gives you good access to items like food, pocket camera, map, GPS, etc.
    The lid can be used as a camera bag. Without bringing an extra bag for the trip, you will have the possibility to have the camera on hand at all times.
    With the extra strap the front pack can be stabilized when needed
  • The lid can be used as hip pack using the extra strap
  • The lid can be left at home for a lighter, cleaner, more minimalistic pack
  • The D-toggle, our redesign of the classic toggle, makes it easier to access the toggle through narrow slots. It also gives the webbing the possibility to angle freely.

Available in stores

From February 2016.

Recommended Retail Price SEK/Euro

ca 300,00€

Bergans Helsport Fjellheimen