Haglöfs Restored is helping create a less wasteful world

Haglöfs Restored is helping create a less wasteful world by giving used products a chance at a second lifetime of adventure.

It’s no news that the clothing industry has a waste problem. Millions of tons of clothing and other textiles are thrown away each year. This fact is especially troubling to face when you love spending time outdoors – and wearing outdoor performance gear.

Haglöfs finds the waste problem hard to live with too. The Swedish outdoor brand has been creating performance gear that inspires people to get outside since 1914. And since then, they’ve been committed to ensuring we have an outdoors to explore. That’s why they created Haglöfs Restored. A collection of outdoor gear that is just as functional and nice as their regular collection, but with extra environmental benefits.

Haglöfs Restored

Keeping still-premium materials out of the landfill for longer Restoring still usable garments instead of throwing them away helps reduce waste, emissions and water usage in the manufacturing process – while keeping still-premium materials out of the landfill for longer. “Every time we can extend the life of a product through good product care, repair or restoration, we know that we have made better use of the resources that went into it in the first place,” says Elaine Gardiner, Head of Sustainability at Haglöfs. “And, even more importantly, we avoid producing another product with a whole lot of new resources.”


Before joining the Haglöfs Restored collection, old, used Haglöfs clothing is washed, repaired, and restored back to original performance standards.

  1. Arrival The used Haglöfs product arrives at the factory, directly from customers, Haglöfs stores or from customer service centers.
  2. Sorting The product is inspected manually. Old products will never be sent to the landfill, so if it can’t be restored, it will either be recycled or used to make other products.
  3. Cleaning & reproofing The product is washed, and waterproof products get a reproofing treatment.
  4. Repair If the product needs to be repaired, it is done with the original design and Haglöfs quality standards in mind.
  5. Quality control The product is quality controlled to ensure it meets Haglöfs’ quality standards.
  6. Labeling & packaging Now the product is a Haglöfs Restored product! It is marked with its own label, packed in new packaging – and is ready to find a new owner and new adventures.

So when you buy a Haglöfs Restored product, not only are you getting quality equipment for your next outdoor adventure. You’re also contributing to a less wasteful world. To learn more about Haglöfs Restored and to shop the second hand collection, visit haglofsrestored.com.

About Haglöfs

In 1914, Wiktor Haglöf made the first stitch in a backpack that went on to inspire generations of people to get outside. From Haglöfs’ Swedish heritage, with a commitment to sustainability and innovation, Haglöfs continues to create progressive outdoor products at the highest level for hiking, mountaineering and freeriding.

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