Go Soft: Viking Go Soft Collection – Summer shoes and sandals – made just for kids

Viking Outdoor Footwear’s new collection of sandals and summertime shoes for children are full of soft styles, for any taste.

Hot and sunny days just got a lot more comfortable this summer. When temperatures rise and young feet need an extra level of freedom, Viking’s new collection of summer shoes and sandals is the perfect solution.

Made from the softest materials, all of the styles are easy to put on and take off. Some feature a sock fit with open mesh and others have a knitted upper – though all provide ultimate comfort and breathability.

Better yet, each style has a contemporary design that perfectly blends sporty and casual elements with stand-out colors that kids will love. Just slip them on and go.

Take a closer look at some of the new styles.


A sporty and lightweight junior sandal, Ulvik slides on easy with its knitted upper and sock fit.  It has a closed toe design for safety, but plenty of panel openings for an airy feel. The elastic laces have a lock for easy adjustment and a sturdy rubber outsole ensures good grip on most surfaces.

RRP: 69,95 €


Bjerke is a fun junior sandal/shoe with an athletic look. The ultra-soft feel comes from lightweight features like open mesh side panels and a foldable heel for slipping on the shoes. Elastic speed laces make adjustment easy and an EVA sole provides maximum cushioning while keeping weight low.

RRP: 64,95 €

Aasane and Brobekk

The kids shoe Aasane and junior shoe Brobekk are sporty styles for active play in warm weather. Great comfort and breathability comes from the sock fit and knitted upper, which also makes the shoes easy to put on and take off. Reinforcements on the sides add some support and a Velcro strap with elastic laces promises a snug fit.

Aasane RRP: 59,95 €

Brobekk RRP: 64,95 €


With a light construction and super soft feel, Alna is a great summer style for junior feet. It is made from highly breathable materials with a sock fit for easy entry. Elastic speed laces allow for quick and easy adjustments and a lightweight EVA midsole cushions every step.

RRP: 64,95 €

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