Go Play: Viking Evanger and Exterminator – Durable and reliable children’s shoes for the toughest play

Viking Outdoor Footwear is adding two outstanding new styles to its collection of reliable children’s shoes for active play – Evanger and Exterminator.

Some kids just never slow down. From breakfast until bedtime they are on the move, exploring, learning, enjoying life – and wearing out shoes.

Because children should play freely, without thinking about their feet, Viking is introducing Evanger and Exterminator for SS19.  Both are sporty new shoes styles with designs that kids will love and the performance that parents demand.

Durable, comfortable and reliable

Evanger and Exterminator were developed with one thing in mind – reliable performance. This not only means durable materials and a supportive fit, but also the highest comfort possible.

For example, both shoes feature a Gore-Tex® membrane that is 100% waterproof and breathable, for dry feet on rainy days or when playing in wet conditions.  A kid’s specific last with good heel grip and space for the toes to move helps create a fit that is supportive and comfortable.

With active children also comes dirty shoes. However, a quick wash at 30 °C will restore that brand new look.

Evanger GTX

Evanger GTX is a do-it-all shoe that blends durability with style.  It comes in kid and junior sizes with a contemporary design made from modern materials that allow the foot to breathe freely.  The shoe features two Velcro closure straps that are easy for small hands to operate and a new rubber outsole pattern provides the best grip around.

RRP 89,95 €


Exterminator GTX

A tough all-round shoe with an active flare, Exterminator GTX has many of the technical characteristics as Viking’s adult shoes. Available in kid and junior sizes, the shoe features a lightweight, breathable polyester mesh construction with reinforcements on the sides that increases stability as the laces are tightened. There are toe and heel protectors for extra durability and elastic laces with an easy to operate snap-lock.

RRP: 99,95 €

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About Viking

Viking Footwear makes shoes of the highest quality for outdoor people all over the world. The first pair of Viking’s shoes was made in 1920. With 100 years of experience, Viking provides the market with durable and comfortable shoes for the whole family. The company sells more than two million pairs of shoes each year and is one of the biggest suppliers of GORE-TEX® footwear in Europe. For 100 years, Viking Footwear have worked passionately to make shoes that battle both weather and terrain.  

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