Go Happy: Viking Festival W – Rainy day originality

Viking Outdoor Footwear has created a new, fully customizable women’s rubber boot for a fun look and comfortable feet in the rain.

Nordic summers are full of friends, music, fun – and rain. However, wet weather doesn’t have to ruin the good mood. All you need is a positive state of mind, a little creativity and a great pair of rubber boots. Viking has the solution.

New for SS19 is the women’s boot Festival, a comfortable and functional rubber boot with a fully customizable style that matches any personality.

Make it your own

Festival is all about expression. You can wear it the way it is – or you can make it your own.  The boot has a feminine cut, with an inspiring texture, and it features a raw length that lets you decide the height and shape.  All you need is a pair of scissors. In addition, the boot comes with colorful pens that you can use to draw, write on and beautify your boots.

Comfort and quality

Like all Viking rubber boots, Festival is made from natural rubber, which is a durable, yet highly flexible material.  The boots have a removable insole and are lined with polyester for a smooth feel and some extra support. Festival is easy to take on and off, and has a fit developed for all-day comfort, wherever you may roam.

The outsole features a heel for sophistication as well as a high profiled outsole with good traction. Festival even comes with its own bag for convenient carrying – because you never know when rain clouds might appear on the horizon.


Colors: black/yellow/white/green                                                                                                                          Sizes: 36-42                                                                                                                                                                    RRP: 79,95 €


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About Viking

Viking Footwear makes shoes of the highest quality for outdoor people all over the world. The first pair of Viking’s shoes was made in 1920. With 100 years of experience, Viking provides the market with durable and comfortable shoes for the whole family. The company sells more than two million pairs of shoes each year and is one of the biggest suppliers of GORE-TEX® footwear in Europe. For 100 years, Viking Footwear have worked passionately to make shoes that battle both weather and terrain.  

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