A full year collection

For Outdoor Friedrichshafen 2018, Lundhags presents a full year collection in one show. An important industry initiative, and a step towards a more sustainable way to develop world-class outdoor products.

Not two, four or six seasons – but one season. The Lundhags assortment for 2018 comprises outdoor products for year-around. By converting to a full year collection, we remove repetitive stages in the working process, to focus our time on the core of our business. To develop world-class outdoor products. The overarching goal is to become a more sustainable company. In a world where time is being cut at every stage of the process and with shorter deadlines as a result, Lundhags wants to ensure that quality is maintained at every step.

– If we are to succeed in developing several classics that last year after year, our designers must get the time to work through them, says Sara Wiksten, Head of Production and Purchasing at Lundhags. And this cannot be done if they are pressured to develop numerous new products for each new season. And why should we design new models all the time when we believe in what we do?

By presenting the full year collection at the same time, Lundhags wants to give retailers a chance to plan their year in a better way, with several drops and a clear colour scheme for both spring and fall. The goal is to make the in-store experience more living and well presented, regardless of season. As a dealer, having a fall assortment that fits well with the spring styles increases the chances of repeat business. By clearly showing what Lundhags offers for the whole year, the purchasing process will be easier and more efficient.

– With the one-year process, we give ourselves more time to test products in another manner than before, says Anders Blomster, Lundhags Head of Marketing. This way, we can release products that are fully developed and ready for release. By presenting the entire collection on one and the same occasion, we reduce the numbers of meetings, trips and sales samples. Everyone gains from it.

With our new one-year development process, and a conviction to make products that last long, which can be used for many different activities and repaired, Lundhags wants to lead the way to a sustainable lifestyle and a more enjoyable outdoor life. Regardless of season.

Love the seasons. The season is now.

About Lundhags

Lundhags makes boots fit for kings – literally. The company is a Royal Warrant Holder to the Swedish royal family. Since 1932, the shoemaker in Järpen, Sweden, has made comfortable and durable boots for all kinds of outdoor pursuits. Today, Lundhags also sells clothing, backpacks and other outdoor equipment developed in the same tradition.

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