SOA Winners FW 16

Overall Winner: Fjällräven – Lappland Eco Shell Poncho


Lappland Eco-Shell Poncho

Category: Apparel

The Motivation from the Jury

»This is the most innovative product«, agrees the jury on the Lappland Eco-Shell Poncho from Fjällräven. This well-built Poncho offers more weather protection and better ventilation than a typical hard-shell jacket. It´s recyclable 2,5-layer fabric is soft, stretchy and highly breathable, the inner absorbs moisture better than other materials which result in minimal condensation. »This makes a big difference when working out hard as during our climb up the mountain«, notes one jury member. Reinforcements in the seat and shoulder area are very practical, the hood fits very well. Extra praise was given to Fjällräven as a company for all of their efforts in becoming one of the most sustainable outdoor brands on the market.

Primary innovation features

Lappland Eco-Shell Poncho is an ideal rain shelter, combining excellent weather protection with minimum impact on the environment, and offering amazing ventilation while being easy to move around in.

Intended specific end use

  • Wildlife photographers, hunters and others who need to stay focused in wet conditions.
  • Trekkers and hikers who want to create an alternative waterproof system with poncho and chaps.

Specific Features

Eco-Shell is a fully wind- and waterproof 2.5-layer fabric offering exceptional breathability, comfort and rustle-free 4-way stretch.

Sustainability information

Eco-Shell: Waterproof and breathable 2.5-layer Eco-Shell fabric in polyester (both new and recycled fibres) with fluorocarbon-free DWR treatment.

Fjällräven Way: As a member of Fenix Outdoor we are contributing to the overall sustainability goals for the group. In order to fulfill our part in this, we have developed a set of commitments we believe will take us towards our common 2020 goals.

Available in stores

June 2016.

Recommended retail price in SEK/Euro

€ 380