Fjällräven Fall & Winter 2020 Press Kit – Innovation Built On Experience

No matter how cold the wind blows, how deep the snow gets or what the chilly damp and misty days have in store for us – outdoors is where Fjällräven wants to be. Cross-country skiing along a winding winter trail in northern Sweden, trekking up a mountain in the majestic Alps region, or just venturing out to the nearest forest for a picnic with friends by the campfire.


There might be days when the weather is non-permitting, but generally, at Fjällräven, there is no such thing as ’off season’. In fact, this time of year, when days are shorter, the Swedish outdoor brand believes that it’s even more important to get out, breathe that fresh air and indulge with nature. Just be sure to come prepared. Fall and winter in the outdoors is a season when the gear you use will make all the difference. This is where 60 years of knowledge and experience comes in. Fjällräven knows how to keep you warm when everything around you is cold.


Trekking for as long as Fjällräven has, together with the constant drive to create functional, durable clothes and equipment that hold up to the rigours of the trail, has led to one or two innovations along the way. In the fall and winter season 2020, some of those iconic product innovations have inspired the brand to create new collections and solutions. Products that have carried the Fjällräven DNA throughout the world for over six decades are delicately updated with innovative functionality and materials and even spawn new family members.


Expedition Series: Legendary Expedition Down Jacket becomes a range


This season the legendary Expedition Down Jacket from 1974 has given rise to a whole range of functional, timeless and sustainable insulation jackets. The new Expedition Long Down Parka, the Expedition Pack Down Hoodie and Expedition Lätt Hoodie, are all welcome complements to the original jacket. All down products are of course insulated with ethically produced, traceable down and live up to Fjällräven’s well known Down Promise.


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Wool: Nature’s most gifted material is used in new sweaters, jackets and even in Kånken


Among other seasonal news you’ll find recycled and recovered wool playing an important role in the collection. The ever growing Kånken family, for example, makes good use of recycled wool. And the Vidda Pro Wool Padded Jacket is insulated with Swedish recovered wool. Recovered wool is wool that would otherwise have been discarded as useless waste, since it is a bit coarser than wool used for clothing. But as padding it is perfect and still shares the same excellent properties of any wool; a natural and durable material that is odour resistant and temperature regulating.


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Vardag Series: A new collection of timeless apparel for the daily escape into nature


In other news for the season Fjällräven launches a new range of striking Vardag apparel, using organic cotton and its workhorse G-1000 Eco material (recycled polyester and organic cotton). The design is classic Fjällräven and makes it easy to slip away to enjoy the nearby outdoors, whenever the chance presents itself. And outdoors is exactly where Fjällräven wants to take you, even when temperatures sink below zero. That’s why the brand welcomes this season with functional, timeless and durable equipment that will last a long time. Just like the memories they help create.


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Nature is waiting. See you out there!

About Fjällräven

Back in 1950, Åke Nordin developed a backpack frame that planted the seed that would go on to become the Fjällräven company. Ever since its beginning in Örnsköldsvik, in 1960, Fjällräven has continued to produce innovative and functional products that are appreciated by generations of outdoor enthusiasts across the world – and which have also received a number of distinguished awards over the years.

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