For the first time:
 Scandinavian Outdoor brands join together at CIFF RAVEN

CIFF Raven

Outdoor and Fashion are moving closer together. The Scandinavian outdoor brands have always been developing innovative products and outdoor equipment with a focus on functionality. However, design has always been a key word with a significant, minimalistic and Scandinavian touch. Today, many of the Scandinavian outdoor brands are taking a step further, introducing parts of their collections into the Fashion area. Yet, they are doing so without sacrificing on the functionality, both in the choice of materials as well as in the design of the product.

Urban Outdoor is a new word in the outdoor business. The outdoor enthusiast also wants to use their favourite outdoor brand when they get back from the mountains, when they come back from the snow or from their trek out in nature.
To and from work, in the city, an afternoon in the park, to and from outdoor activities or a weekend in the countryside. These are all situations where outdoor enthusiasts are also found. It is here, in between nature and the urban environment, that the need for functional products may be the greatest.
– Outdoor brands have a very high profile image today and people want to connect with their brand, not only on the mountain and in the outdoors, says Sara Wänseth, General Secretary in the Scandinavian Outdoor Group (SOG). We can see a trend where the outdoor brands put more focus on an urban design. But, with one difference to fashion – functionality is always most important.
For the very first time, nine brands from the Scandinavian Outdoor Group (SOG) have joined together to exhibit at CIFF Raven in Copenhagen. The brands are Haglöfs, Didriksons, Lundhags, Röjk, Houdini, Bergans, Viking, Thule and Sätila.
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Sara Wänseth, General Secretary of Scandinavian Outdoor Group (SOG), +46 705628010,