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Fire Stick immediately captivates with its revolutionary and innovative design. Folded, the stove is shaped like a cylinder so it can be easily slipped into the top or side pocket of a backpack for easy access.

The stove is equipped with our latest highly-efficient regulated valve, which adjusts the flow of gas and ensures optimum heat output whatever altitude, temperature or amount of gas left in the cartridge. The burner and pot supports are made from durable stainless steel and the stove´s clever folding design also offers excellent protection from both the wind and when transit. For ultra-lightweight adventures, there is also a version with titanium pot supports – the Fire Stick TI.

Absolutely reliable whatever the weather, the Fire Stick also features a newly-developed Piezo igniter also works. With the launch of the Fire Stick, PRIMUS has reached another milestone in the category of high-performance and compact top-mounted stoves.

The Fire Stick is delivered with a functional, custom-designed wool storage pouch which doubles-up as a pot holder.

The product convinced the jury: BEST NEW GEAR of the GEAR INSTITUTE and the GEAR JUNKIE AWARD – best in show – awards of the Outdoor Retailer Summer Show 2019.

Dimensions: Ø 36 x 103 mm

Weight: 105 g Fire Stick / 89 g Fire Stick TI

Performance: 2.500 Watt

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Heidi Kreusel

About Primus

In 1892 F.W Lindqvist, from Stockholm, created the world’s first soot-free kerosene stove that made life simpler for adventurers. Since then, Primus products have made countless expeditions possible. Passion, for the outdoors and the technical expertise is the secret behind every one of Primus innovations and what ensure that the products become reliable and life-long companions.

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