Do women get colder than men?

Do women get colder than men?
Most would probably say yes.

…and more and more outdoor companies have begun producing specific “cold-weather products” for women. One of these is Helsport.

Why did you create Rago X-trem Lady, a sleeping bag for women?
“Because women feel the cold more or differently to men. This is due in part to the fact that surface blood vessels contract more in women, which means that they get colder, especially their hands and feet,” says Snorre Moen, product developer at Norwegian company Helsport.

Helsport Rago X-trem Lady

Is that all?
“No. The big difference is probably actual body size. If you view the body as a heating furnace – well, men have a larger heating furnace. In simple terms, it radiates more heat in a sleeping bag and keeps it warmer than a woman’s.” “Another contributing factor to women feeling the cold more easily is that they have a thicker layer of subcutaneous fat. This provides better insulation for the internal organs, but as a result, the skin gets colder. In other words, the internal body heat doesn’t reach the surface.”

So how is Rago X-trem Lady designed?
“It’s smaller and matches the contours of the female body, and it has extra insulation down at the foot end.”