Didriksons Limited Edition Parka With A Purpose

Didrikson’s history started 1913, protecting fishermen dry from rain and waves washing over the deck. They are still inspired by the ocean but today an even more important challenge is to protect the sea. It’s all about a respectful and sensible use of resources.

Didriksons has created Odin, a limited unisex parka with only 150 jackets, as a tribute to everyone who is working to make tomorrows world a better place. Organisations and people who are working under the surface, who doesn’t always get the appreciation they deserve.

Didrikson’s Odin Parka is made of Galon, a 100% waterproof PVC-free material that doesn’t require any treatment, which saves the water from more chemicals. A jacket made of Galon can be wiped with a wet cloth instead of washing it in the machine, which saves about 2000 liters of water for a jacket that is used in 20 years.

All profit from Didrikson’s Odin Parka will be donated to WaterAid, an organization which works for equal access to clean water, sanitation and hygiene The parka is released on World Water Day, today 22 March 2021.

Didriksons Odin Parka