Devold: Tradition keeps us strong

Founded in 1853, few brands can claim a legacy like Devold of Norway’s of not simply enduring, but triumphing over storms of all sorts.

Norway has a long tradition of exploring the furthest reaches of the planet. Fridtjof Nansen was the first to cross the icefields of Greenland on skis, and later Roald Amundsen was the first to reach the South Pole. Both trusted Devold to get them through the many storms they would face along the way, thanks to a design that put function first through solid craftsmanship and the unmatched qualities of wool.

Devold of Norway

A different kind of storm creates new users

In the 168 years since its founding, Devold has witnessed its fair share of headwinds. Most recently, the pandemic has put the stamina of people across the world to the test in entirely new ways. Yet in the face of such hardships, many have discovered a calm in the eye of the storm: The Great Outdoors. These new users are characterized by their pursuit of cross-activities, and Devold’s latest hiking, skiing and trail running collection is specifically designed to provide the versatility they seek. “Consumers have rediscovered nature,” shares Cathrine Stange, CEO of Devold of Norway, who continues: “And we see that when people discover how fantastic wool is, it changes their habits.” Stange admits that 2020 was a “roller coaster,” where the prospects were at times grim. But with a successful push towards e-commerce and a new segment of outdoor consumers discovering the benefits of wool, Stange is optimistic that Devold is set to triumph over adversity once again: “We’ve had a fantastic start to the year. It is an all-time high.”

The longer journey towards sustainability

Devold has not forgotten the other great challenge of our times during the pandemic, that of reaching a balance with our natural world. For Devold, this means re-thinking. Re-thinking what it makes and why in order to provide purpose-driven design, tailored for outdoor adventurers creating as little waste and environmental impact as possible. But with these efforts aside, Devold has always placed its faith in the simple, natural characteristics of wool as the ultimate material for both human use and for the planet. “Our products currently use 84 % natural materials,” shares Stange, who explains the garments only use a few synthetic materials to increase the durability. But an effort is already underway to replace these fibers with natural or biodegradable synthetics that can ensure the same longevity: “A Devold garment is made to last, not just for one season but for generations.”

A tradition that continues to the present

While new outdoor enthusiasts increasingly turn to Devold to equip their forays into the local trails and slopes, today’s Devold wool garments are still found on glaciers and icefields across the world. Only now, they are just as likely equipping climate change research projects like the Ice Legacy Project as they collect ice samples. And while Devold’s faith in nature’s own fiber and its unmatched characteristics remains unshakeable, its garments today combine with modern fibers like Tencel to enhance their durability and longevity. Whatever the future may have in store, Stange is confident that Devold’s commitment to craftsmanship and high-quality materials will see it through the storms: “Whether it’s for workers battling harsh conditions in the Atlantic Ocean or new users who have just discovered their love of the great outdoors, our focus has always been to make quality garments that are fit-for-purpose.”

About Devold

Devold of Norway provides high quality wool garments for outdoor lovers, explorers and professionals working in demanding environments. Established on the rough Norwegian West Coast in 1853, the company has spent over 160 years of research and development with one goal in mind: to provide you with unbeatable comfort, quality and protection.

Driven by innovation with a focus on quality, Devold continues to be a pioneer when it comes to developing the use of Merino wool. Today Devold offers a broad collection of baselayers, mid-layers and outer layers for year-round outdoor activity.

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