Devold of Norway’s innovative 3-tier Merino wool layering for ski tourers

Few activities experience the temperature extremes of ski touring, where ascending the mountain can see body heat and perspiration levels skyrocket while descending can see temperatures plummet dramatically. These frigid temperatures certainly pose a risk, but an equally important danger is getting wet from perspiration on the way up. The challenge therefore lies in finding appropriate materials for the ski tourer’s kit that optimize both moisture control and insulation.

Devold Trollkyrkja


For AW22/23, Devold is launching a 3-tier ski touring layering system. The range includes the multiple award-winning base-layer Tuvegga Sport Air, featuring an innovative reversible design that can adapt to different intensity levels and changing outdoor temperatures just by turning it inside out. The lightweight and quick-drying Mesh series, meanwhile, matches the need for minimal weight and high insulation when ski touring, and the functional Egga series provides a mid-layer solution that strikes an ideal balance between insulation and breathability. All of these models are 100% Merino wool, naturally.


While most are familiar with Merino wool’s superior properties as base and mid-layers, it may come as a surprise to learn that Devold’s ski touring range’s outer-layer collection and crown jewel – Trollkyrkja – is also constructed with Merino wool. Featuring a shell jacket and bib pant specially designed for ski touring, this layer is developed with high-intensity activities and protection in mind. The innovative fabric, MerinoPerform™ WP, is comprised of densely knit, wind and water-resistant wool that can maintain ideal body comfort even in the harshest mountain weather. In combination, the overall efficiency of all layers rests upon a fine-tuned balance between weatherproofing and moisture management. The result? From base to mid to outer layer, Devold’s ski touring range offers a natural level of comfort and protection even in the most demanding conditions.

Devold Tuvegga
Devold Wool Mesh


With a focus on innovation and quality, Devold of Norway has been producing functional products to keep nature-seekers comfortable and safe since 1853. Over a century of expertise in some of the most challenging conditions the world can offer has Devold convinced that nature – along with a little human ingenuity – provides the perfect material for this challenge: Wool.

Merino wool, to be precise, with its insulating value, moisture transfer and breathability being particularly well suited for the demanding extremes that ski tourer’s experience. As only the best will do, Devold sources directly from its own certified farmers to ensure demands for quality and animal welfare are met.

When worn in layers, Merino wool garments can provide a drier and more comfortable microclimate, one that is best able to match the varying needs of ski tourers: Ventilation and moisture control on the ascent, and insulation and protection on the descent.

About Devold

Devold of Norway provides high quality wool garments for outdoor lovers, explorers and professionals working in demanding environments. Established on the rough Norwegian West Coast in 1853, the company has spent over 160 years of research and development with one goal in mind: to provide you with unbeatable comfort, quality and protection.

Driven by innovation with a focus on quality, Devold continues to be a pioneer when it comes to developing the use of Merino wool. Today Devold offers a broad collection of baselayers, mid-layers and outer layers for year-round outdoor activity.

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