We changed our mind – here’s one for the road.

We used to say that we only build shoes for the woods. But since our mission is to inspire as many people as possible to a happier life all year around, we had to think again.

With NewRun BUGrip GTX, more treadmills than ever will be put away for good.

Icebug wants to empower people to a more active life outdoors, also during the winter months. But the reality still shows that most people cut down on the exercise outdoors during winter*. Therefore Icebug had to think again. For Fall/winter 2019 the first winter road running shoe will hit the market.

– Even if our trail running shoes are not made for road running, they are still the ones that people use because they still have the best grip. But now, we have created a shoe that is developed for road running. That is what it’s designed for, and that opens up the door to winter running for more people than ever, Karin Möller, Head of Design at Icebug, says.

NewRun BUGrip GTX is a super comfortable running shoe with BOA fast lacing system and GORE-TEX membrane. A perfect shoe for all those people who run their regular distance around the block or similar, but stops when winter comes. Or go inside to the treadmill.

With NewRun there’s no need to cancel the normal running routine only because conditions got wintry. High comfort has been in focus when we developed this shoe. The last has a roomy toe box and a straight toe line. The sole is well cushioned, and with its wide base,  both stability and long-distance comfort are achieved. A BUGrip outsole with 17 dynamic steel studs makes running on icy surfaces feel like a walk in the park. Instead of avoiding the icy spots you will look for them! Icebug’s BUGrip® steel studs are also almost impossible to wear out so the asphalt will not be a problem.

NewRun comes in three different versions. Two studded, one with GORE-TEX (NewRun BUGrip GTX) and one without (NewRun BUGrip). We also have one unstudded with the four-season rubber RB9 and GORE-TEX. In this way, you can choose which model that suits you and your running the best.

The first step towards a happier and more active life during the winter season is to take a step outside the door. With fresh air, you will feel better, be happier – and you don’t have to start running all over again every spring!

So leave the treadmill behind. With NewRun you have a shoe that will make winter running as smooth as summer running. Enjoy the snow and ice, your normal routine – and the world’s best traction.


Sustainability highlights for NewRun BUGrip® GTX

Bluesign® Polyester textile upper.

GORE-TEX® lining is bluesign® and meets Oeko-Tex® criteria.

Insock liner made of bluesign® solution dyed, recycled mesh/Ortholite Hybrid®

  • During the winter of 2018, the survey company YouGov conducted a survey on behalf of Icebug about peoples behavior during winter. We learned that 2 of 3 people exercise less or much less outdoors during winter. If you want to know more about the survey, please contact PR Manager Marie Thomasson. marie.thomasson@icebug.se

About Icebug

Icebug is a Swedish shoe company that back in 2001 started to challenge the global footwear giants with new innovative traction technologies. The reason why Icebug started was the frustration of having to choose between slipping or saying no to outdoor activities because of the risk of slipping. Icebug traction technologies enable people to enjoy outdoor activities all year around, no matter the conditions.

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