Polyver makes major investments

The Swedish boot company Polyver, which produce winter boots in Jämtland, Sweden, has made a revolutionary tranformation and invested in a new product line, a larger machine fleet and doubled its staff in 2021. They have also updated the logo and present a >>>new polyver website



Polyver has further developed its classic winter boot and is now launching a completely new product line of warm, lightweight and comfortable boots for outdoor use in all weather conditions.

The new product line combines more than 15 years of boot manufacturing experience – including the proprietary CLI-Tech® PU technology – with the insights gained from in-depth customer research and close interaction with retailers.

The new Polyver boot has a thin shaft for good freedom of movement and thermal insulation in the foot area. The boot is designed to be easily put on and taken off.



Family-owned Polyver started production of winter boots in 2005 in Pilgrimstad in Jämtland.
With the support of the Bräcke municipality, Polyver has been able to make new investments and double its staff in 2021. Polyver has also invested in a new, larger machine fleet to meet the increased demand. Polyver prides itself on producing locally and sustainably with short transport routes to customers and retailers in the Nordic region.


Polyver’s previous polar bear logo has now been replaced by an image of the native brown bear, and with the new product line Polyver is targeting a much broader consumer group. Polyver’s new boot is suitable for those who want warm and dry feet in all types of weather, not just in extremely cold climates.


Polyver’s products are presented on a redesigned website with the brand’s new look and feel. Visitors are also given the opportunity to follow Polyver on social media and get to know Polyver’s product range. The website also presents detailed information and images of products, product news and insights into the production process.

Polyver hopes that customers will appreciate the new product line: “We’re really looking forward to seeing the reaction when people put on our new boots for the first time” says Steve Dutton, SVP Commercial Polyver Sweden.


Contact Polyver Sweden:
Steve Dutton, SVP Commercial

Press contact:
Helena Gillerblad

About Polyver Sweden

Polyver Sweden was born from a desire to encourage everyone to enjoy outdoors without having to worry about getting cold feet. For the past 15 years Polyver has protected people from nature’s chill, making them feel safe and comfortable in even the most extreme conditions. Today, Polyver is very proud to be one of the last outdoor brands to manufacture their PU boots in Sweden, focusing on high quality winter boots offering excellent comfort, lightness, insulation and durability.

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