The Swedish outdoor brand SILVA have launched their 360° backpack series. The backpacks are based on the idea of providing the user with 360 degrees of visibility, protection and flexibility. They are designed for those with an everyday-active-lifestyle. The series has the perfect blend of city and outdoor, and comes in three different models: Orbit, Lap and Loop. The add on-system makes it possible to customize the backpack for extra packing space or water protection. The backpacks can be used 24-7, in sunshine or rain, for commuting or hiking.



Marcus Hjortsberg is the project manager behind the 360-backpack series. “We believe that there are no such backpacks on the market. There are either more city or more outdoor focused backpacks. But with our 360 backpacks we have found a design and functionality that has a perfect blend”.

The designer behind the series is Jacob von Matern. He has more than nine years of experience and runs Norra Studios, a hands-on industrial design studio focusing on backpack- and bag design. “As a designer, you need to understand each step of the development process. To me a well-designed product is recognized by optimized user experience, appearance, form, function and manufacturing. When it all orks together”.

The design story
The backpack series consists of three models: Orbit, Lap and Loop. When designing the backpacks, Silva has focused on the following three main features: 360 degress of visibility, 360 degrees of protection and 360 degrees of flexibility.

The 360 visibility ensures the user’s safety with reflective material all around the backpack. You are visible from all angles and the backpacks have a visibility light holder in the front and the back. With 360 protection Silva means that the backpacks protect the gear from rain, dirt and so on.

The backpacks are water-resistant and waterproof and made of durable material.

And the 360 flexibility makes it possible to use the backpacks for any activity and in any weather, and the user can also customize the backpacks for their specific needs. The smart attachment loops and lash points are the core in Silva’s 360-system. In seconds you can attach or detach a pouch or mesh. Use a waterproof pouch to get extra packing space or to separate items from the rest of your gear. Or an elastic mesh for extra packing space or a helmet. The smart straps can also be used separately as compression straps for a jacket, skateboard etc.


The backpacks

360° Loop comes in one size (24L) and is the everyday backpack with an easy closure system and fully waterproof main compartment through the included drybag. The simple choice for the urban traveller and outdoor enthusiast.

360° Lap comes in two sizes (18L, 25L) and is a weatherproof and flexible backpack with an easily accessible laptop compartment which is shockproof. Perfect for the commuter.

360° Orbit comes in three sizes (18L, 25L, 30L) and is a waterproof and durable backpack that offers great protection for you and your gear thanks to welded seams and roll-top closure. The number one choice for the serious multitasker and traveller.



Recommended retail prices

360°Orbit 30L has a recommended retail price of 159,99 EUR.
360° Orbit 25L has a recommended retail price of 139,99 EUR.
360° Orbit 18L has a recommended retail price of 119,99 EUR.
360° Lap 25L has a recommended retail price of 119,99 EUR.
360° Lap 18L has a recommended retail price of 99,99 EUR.
360° Loop 24L has a recommended retail price of 79,99 EUR.
360° Pouches (three sizes: 6L, 9L, 13L) have recommended retail prices of 29,99-44,99 EUR.
360° Mesh has a recommended retail price of 24,99 EUR.


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About Silva

SILVA has developed and sold sports and outdoor accessories since 1933. The hero products, compasses and headlamps, are characterized by a high level of functionality and innovative design. All products are designed and tested in Sweden to withstand the tough Nordic climate and terrain. SILVA develop accessories for activities such as running, skiing, biking and hiking.

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