SOA Finalists SS 2016

Alfa – JUV A/P/S



Primary innovation features

Alfa Air, is a unique new upper material, with good breathability, low weight and high durability. The outer materiel have three times the durability of most textiles, and ½ the weight compared to leather. Alfa Air is practically maintenance free, very easy to keep clean and needs no further waterproofing or spraying.

Intended End Use

JUV is a stable, ultra comfortable highcut and light weight mountain boot suitable for long adventures with heavy backpack in rough mountains and forest.

Specific features:

  • Alfa Air
  • A very solid Vibram outersole combined with a light EVA midsole that provides outstanding cushioning, friction and stability.
  • A smart mini gaiter around the ankle prevents dirt and sand from getting into the boots.
  • Hang Up hooks a small detail which makes it possible to hook the shoes together if you want to hang them for drying, on your back pack or when you store them.
  • Our design approach to this project has been to be as Scandinavian as possible, with a clean design with focus on the technical features.

Available in stores

From April 2015

Recommended Retail Price

EUR 299,-