Aki Kuusilehto has been appointed CEO of Halti starting from 10th August 2020. Kuusilehto (48) has a long and versatile experience in sporting goods business. Kuusilehto joined Halti from Patrol Oy Ab where he worked over 20 years leading the sales and marketing teams – and steering the company as CEO for the past 1,5 years.

“Halti has clearly strengthened its position in the domestic market over the past years. The brand is known, it focuses on important sustainability issues, and the product range has become commercially successful. Outdoor activities are hugely trending at the moment which gives us great opportunities to develop our business and further strengthen our position in Finland. For bigger growth we need to set our eyes abroad. In the future, Halti wants to be an international Nordic Premium brand. With professional staff, great customer relationships, innovative products and a strong Finnish ownership we will build a successful future”, says Kuusilehto.

“I am very pleased that Aki joined us as our CEO. He has a long and valuable experience in the field, and we are confident that Halti will keep growing under his leadership”, says Robert Ingman, Halti’s Chairman of The Board.

About Halti

Halti is a Nordic outdoor company from Finland. They create premium outdoor, ski, multisport and lifestyle apparel and hardware with unmatched function, intelligence and nature inspired design – to help you to find your own peak moment in the nature. Halti is for curious, active and demanding outdoor enthusiasts who value high functionality, best technical materials, perfect fit and beautiful minimalist Nordic design. Over the past 40 years their gear have been used in some of the most starkly, beautiful and unforgiving places on Earth. They have equipped expeditions to all of “The three Poles” – The North Pole, The South Pole and Mount Everest. Halti are continuing this heritage by inspiring all people to experience nature at its best.

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