New product from Light My Fire of Sweden: Add-A-Twist

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The waterproof, shockproof organizer that easily slips into backpacks
Light My Fire introduces a new versatile and strong packing concept specifically designed for backpacks on big and small adventures. Add-a-Twist is the ultimate backpack organizer. Strong, tough and versatile for most demanding outdoor activities.

Perfect for everything that needs to be kept dry, safe and easy to find, such as fishing tackle, mobile phone, keys, first aid kit, food and liquids. With Add-a-Twist everything is packed, stored, sorted and protected.

The round design makes Add-a-Twist easy to slip into and pull out of even fully packed backpacks. Containers lock into each other and can be combined endlessly. Each one has a double-sealed lid to make it waterproof and airtight, and the bayonet lock allows quick and easy access.

“After research and customer feedback we identified a need and have since explored a way to deliver a product that is just as great for canoeing, boating and climbing as when popped into kid’s backpacks or for bringing your lunch to work”, says Light My Fire CEO, Calill Odqvist-Jagusch.

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About Light my fire

Based in Sweden, Light My Fire specializes in outdoor accessories that are as practical in the city as they are in the wild. From making fires to eating meals – Light My Fire’s innovative products have been taken to heart by both backyard adventurers and backwoods survivalists all across the world.

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