Membership can be granted to well-respected Nordic companies and organizations within the outdoor sector.  SOG shall be represented by businesses, which invest in their own brands, develop and market products and services within the outdoor area of high quality and innovation standards, as well as uphold to a high degree of business ethics as well as sustainability efforts.

Membership within the association assumes that the member is active. Active, meaning that the member displays an active interest in the association by taking part in at least some meetings or projects during a one-year period and, furthermore, keeping the business’ information updated on the association website.


Two member assemblies are held each year (spring and fall) where decisions on things like projects, budgets, board of directors and new members are made. In conjunction with our member assemblies, we regularly hold competence development seminars in topics that will help members improve their businesses, and of course lots of networking.



In order to qualify as a new member, applicants should in addition to what is mentioned above show a documented successful export track record and fullfil the following criteria:

a) Have an overall turnover of minimum 10 million SEK, of which at least 3 million SEK derive from export outside the Nordic Region to the outdoor market in at least three different countries since at least three years.
b) Provide written references from at least one outdoor retailer in each of the three countries referred to in a) above.
c) Provide recommendation for membership from at least three existing members of SOG.
d) Provide a signed EOG Sustainability Charter together with a self-assessment of the level of your company, supported with documented references to your business practice according to:
Level 1: Show sustainability policies/other documentation of how general principles are considered in your business
Level 2: Show with policies or other documentation how your organization work to systematically integrate sustainability into your business
Level 3: Show with policies or other documentation how your organization has set targets and measure progress in your sustainability work.
e) Make a climate commitment in line with the Race to Zero campaign within a year from approved membership.


A Technology Brand member will be accepted on the same terms as above, as an ingredient brand, but can not:

  • Vote at SOG assemblies and member meetings.
  • Acquire shares in SOG.


If a company do not qualify as Full Member, Development Membership is an option. In addition to general requirements of our statues as well as sustainability requirements, the Development Member should be able to on pair or exceed SOG member expectations on product quality, innovation or tradition, design etc. to contribute to a strong image of Scandinavia as one of world’s leading regions for outdoor companies and products.

An accepted Development Member can:

  • Participate in SOG projects at the same terms and costs as SOG members, if there is room for participation, but never at the expense of an SOG member.
  • Become a Full Member after a period of maximum three years (provided that all membership criteria are reached).
  • If all membership criteria are not reached within a three-year period, the SOG Board of Directors can grant a continued status as development member for one year at a time provided that the development member is active and contributes positively to the values and image of SOG.

An accepted Development Member can not:

  • Vote at SOG assemblies and member meetings. Acquire shares in SOG.