SKHOOP, The Original Skirt Company are from Åre, Sweden. The place where our
first garment saw the light of the day 20 years ago, where we still live and work today.

We’re the original insulated skirt makers. We were the first to make a forerunner of all other wind-breaking, cold-shielding, quilted, padded skirts. On an incredibly cold day in Åre, we started with a scissors, a sewing machine, an old down jacket, and lots of creativity.

Nature continues to inspire and drive us to create clothes exactly the way we personally want them. Clothes for all climates that work when you hang out among mountains and forests or among concrete and neon.

We develop our collections to ensure that you always have the best-possible day –staying warm and dry when heading to work or when enjoying nature. Our garments should trigger sensations of “that little extra”. While wearing
your Skhoop garment, we want you to feel the love and care that we sew and knit into our collections.

With our suppliers and customers, we plan and implement a long-term journey toward a better future. Our goal? To make everyone feel good. How? By manufacturingz our clothes in a humane, sustainable way.

We love nature and being outdoors. So it’s a given that we select materials and details that please our planet. Let us help preserve Mother Nature.

We only have one. The original.

SKHOOP i ÅRE AB, Årevägen 55, 837 52 Åre, Sweden, www.skhoop.se, info@telia.com, +4664750121