2 New SOG Members

Warm welcome to new SOG members ZlideOn and Muurikka! We are now a strong group of 75 brands within SOG!


Zlideon is a globally patented product that enables customers to save lives on their broken zippers. With a patented clip-on solution, the old zipper is easy to replace, and the life of the damaged jacket, bag or shoes is extended. Zlideon is made of surface-treated zinc and is very durable, as well as manufactured in Sweden.


The story of Finnish Muurikka began in the 1970s with an idea to expand the diameter of a cauldron in order to increase the frying area available. Today Muurikka provides durable outdoor cooking products – all from tiny stainless steel campfire kettles to big Tundra Grills outdoor fireplaces, made of Finnish steel since 1983. Muurikka invites people to gather together for cooking healthy, versatile food outdoor, and to enjoy unforgettable moments with friends and with Muurikka.