Within the SOG community there is a growing platform, the SOG Sustainability Network. The idea is to connect everybody related to CSR and sustainability within the group of member companies, and offer the support SOG can provide as a member organisation. Meetings takes place four times every year – ISPO, OutDoor and at our two annual SOG assemblies.


The Scandinavian Outdoor Group has, as the first organization in Europe,  jointly signed up to support the European Outdoor Group (EOG) Sustainability Charter.

Launched in 2016, the EOG Sustainability Charter was developed by the association’s CSR and Sustainability Council, in partnership with key external stakeholders. Companies and other organisations that sign up to the voluntary charter do so to express support for the importance of the EOG’s work in sustainability, and to back the efforts and resources that are committed to that end. The EOG Sustainability Charter provides a framework and articulates strategic stages on a journey towards key sustainability objectives for the outdoor sector.

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