Bergans goes “Fast Hiking” 

The task for the designers developing the Bergans “Fast Hiking” collection was clear: Design a product line with outstanding, versatile and lightweight products that are premium quality with extremely high functionality. A line you might most like to wear to go hiking, and which inspires people to get out and about, no matter whether in the country or downtown. And a line that is manufactured from sustainable materials. Fløyen is the result of this! All the Fløyen collection products are lightweight, provide high breathability, and a high level of wearing comfort. You’re well-prepared with Fløyen!




About Bergans

Bergans is almost an institution for outdoor-loving Norwegians. The company was founded in 1908 when Ole Bergan invented the modern backpack. Now, Bergans also makes sleeping bags, tents, functional clothing and foldable Ally canoes.

Ever since Amundsen reached the South Pole, their products have been on countless expeditions and adventures, and innovation is still the basis for the company today.

Loe Bruk 9
3300 Hokksund