About SOG

Scandinavian Outdoor Group, or SOG, is a group of more than 70 outdoor brands from Scandinavia.

With the HERITAGE and traditions of Scandinavia. We make PREMIUM outdoor products, with INNOVATIONS created from challenges of our demanding nature. We strive to DO GOOD, for people and for nature. We do this with PASSION and JOY. Together.

Together we are stronger

The Scandinavian Outdoor Group aims to strengthen the Scandinavian member brands internationally by joining together. By providing a platform for cooperation and offer projects that strengthen both the image and the profit of the brands.
We believe that by joining together 1 + 1 can become 3.


Our cooperation is based on sales and media oriented projects serving outdoor gear retailers and journalists, mainly outside of the Nordic region. Our mission is based on the simple observation that if equipment works well up here in the north, it must also be perfect for outdoor enthusiasts in the rest of the world.

By cooperating in our efforts to reach more users of our products, we can as a group create leverage and be more efficient creating a better result for retailers, media and our members. Our spirit is like the Scandinavian – friendly, informal, open and democratic. Our credibility is strengthened by the fact that members of SOG are the original innovators of several outdoor products such as the liquid filled compass, the outdoor stove, the integrated frame back pack. To name a few.

SOG is organized as a non-profit, non-political association registered in Sweden. We currently have more than 70 member companies, all well-respected manufacturers of outdoor equipment. Two member assemblies are held each year (spring and fall) where decisions on projects, budget and board of directors are made. In conjunction with the assemblies, planning meetings for projects, networking and competence development seminars also take place.

SOG is an associated member of the European Outdoor Group (EOG).


Scandinavian Outdoor Group was founded in 2001 as an industry initiative to serve outdoor retailers and media in export markets. It unites well-respected outdoor gear manufacturers from all five Nordic countries: Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Iceland. It all started with 15 Scandinavian outdoor companies, who could see the great benefits of cooperating. Over the years more brands have joined, as working together have proved to be a well-functioning strategy.


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David Nordblad, Secretary General SOG

Secretary General
David Nordblad

Per Jonsson Öhlin

Project Manager Trade Shows
Per Jonsson Öhlin

Sofia Karlström

Coordinator (Maternity leave)
Sofia Karlström

Sara Gärdegård

Members of the board

Maria Frykman (Isbjörn of Sweden)
Chair and member of SOG Working Committee

Staffan Rönn
Director and member of SOG Working Committee

Matti Lehtovirta (Reima)

Yngvill Ofstad (Bergans)

Andreas Håkansson (Hestra)

Christian Stjärnered (Woolpower)

David Ekelund (Icebug)

Juha Latvala (Sasta)

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